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and Welcome to TV Zone

This site was dedicated to TV, and ran from 1997 to 2000. I have now reinstated it, although please note that parts of it are currently missing. You can also see much of the content at TVA.

Latest Update: 27th February 2010

You can view a compilation of many TV Zone videos here:

Thanks YouTube!

Update: 1st October 2000

I have not had time to work much on the site recently, but I have just uploaded some files on to the drawings section of the gallery. These are from Simon Harries and Douglas Hughes and I've got more of Simon's on the way. Actually I should really take this opportunity to apologise to people who have sent me files that I haven't got round to uploading. Work pressures, etc., etc.!

Update: 13th/14th September 2000

Just a quick update to show you this self-censorship by the BBC on their netcast. Huw Edwards uttered the words "The Olympic Games in Sydney" and then this.

And today, during the headlines, this happened.

Update: 1st August 2000

Derek Smith has kindly sent me a picture from Grampian In-vision continuity. It has now been posted in the Grampian section of the gallery.

Update: 17th July 2000

Added one of the new 16:9 UTV idents, plus a major update to the TV-YOU page. BBC Section also updated.

Update: 4th July 2000

Added TV-YOU page to the UTV section of the gallery.

Update: 29th June 2000

Added some new movies and tidied up movies and graphics sections.

Update: 16th June 2000

Added several images to the Gallery. Added a few items to the Movies section - more to come soon. Also made a minor update to the Digital Page.

Update: 8th June 2000

Added several images to the ITV Section of the gallery, added the search function to most pages and corrected a few bad links.

Update: 22nd May 2000

Added Widescreen TV Page to digital section.

Update: 16th May 2000

Search engine added on trial basis. This will search all pages in the TV and Radio Zones. It is currently only available from the front pages of both parts of the site. Also made update to Faraway Reception section of the gallery and to the links page.

Update: 15th May 2000

The digital and links sections have been.

Update: 15th March 2000

New RealVideo and Quicktime files added to the movies section.

Update: 14th March 2000

Some graphics and links to movies fixed.

Update: 7th March 2000

RTE Testcard added to the gallery - courtesy of Douglas Hughes.

Update: 6th March 2000

UTV Section added to the gallery and some broken images fixed. Links section also updated.

Update: 28th February 2000

Major update to the Gallery.

Update: 3rd February 2000

Joined the Irish Broadcasting Webring today. Also fixed some bad links.

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27th February 2010