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BBC ONE Symbols

The first Computer Originated World globe appeared in 1985. The pictures below were used from 1991 to October 1997. There was only one version, though each region had its name below the BBC for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and for English Regional programming. The movie files below should work - let me know if you have problems.

In October 1997, the BBC relaunched itself with a new logo. This meant a new look for its channels in preparation for the digital age.

The clock shown above does not have the hands properly aligned to the face. This was fixed soon into the new look. Thanks to Mike MacGonagle for this info.

 424k  404k
BBC ONE Balloon Symbol - First Showing

The 1997 symbols were all shot in widescreen, so when Digital came along in October 1998, they could be seen how anture intended. These symbols are stored on computer hard disks and may be retrieved easily.

And here is the clock from the widescreen era. It is rarely seen in full (certainly in Northern Ireland) as the switch from widescreen to 4:3 is now done before the clock appears, not between the clock and the news. This will change when news goes 16:9.

17th July2000