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Links to Personal Television Sites
In no particular order. I have updated some of the links to the sites which still operate.

TV Ark

This site is packed full of idents in RealVideo G2 formats. Find many old Station Idents and Programme Titles here.

Still going strong!

TV World

Another great site containing many pictures and video from British TV.

UK TV Idents

Vivo idents from the last 20 years, including a wide selection from Channel Four and BBC 2. Unfortunately, this site doesn't seem to have been updated recently.

No longer online - but click the image for the Web Archive version.

625 - Andrew Wiseman's TV Room

A comprehensive site with much information on a variety of TV-Related topics. If you want to know more about Digital TV, PDC or Channel 5, or if you want to rid TV of those annoying graphics known as DOGs, here is the place to check out.

Not updated since 2008, but still stands up as an intelligent TV resource.

Planet Bods Television Centre

I'll bet you thought you were the only person who tried to write down tv jingles in word form. Well you've found a soul mate. This has to be one of the funniest TV sites on the 'net. But that's not all. Don't have the time or patience to watch Star Trek Generations? Want to know loads about Tyne Tees? This site is for you, so make sure you check it out.

Still going strong!

Grundies World v3.0.2

A great site from Northern Ireland's Maiden City including a page on Channel 9, the province's only 'local' TV Station.

No longer online - but click the image for the Web Archive version.

ITV Southern England

Information, pictures and idents from the three ITV franchise-holders in the South of England region.

Watched It!

Relive your childhood! This site has pages on many vintage kids' shows with links to similar sites.

The Pigeon Street Homepage

This site has lots of info on the classic BBC series including songs in English and Norwegian!

Ident City

A new site, still under construction, but with great promise.

TV Cream

A fantastic site, with clips from radio and tv. Very amusing in places.


One of several OnDigital-related sites on the internet. It has much background information on the system and links to similar sites.

MHP - The Meldrum Home Page

A valuable resource for anyone interested in TV throughout the ages with sections on many different areas of Television, including pictures and video. Read old TV listings or join the only UK e-mail-based TV discussion forum - MHP Chat.

Transmitter details, including photos of various sites, plus Widescreen TV Explained, and much, much more.

Irish Television

The history of TV in Ireland. It has a large section on the establishment of RTE and is regularly updated with relevant news. It has many pictures from Irish Stations.

The TV Room

A great site with many pictures from News and presentation across the UK and Ireland. Contains a regularly-updated TV news section. A must-see.

Round The Regions

Another comprehensive TV site, with, as its name suggests material from right across the UK. See a young Gorden Burns reading the news on UTV and other pictures and clips from all over the country.

The Unnoficial Thames Television Home Page
Oh, how the great have fallen. Once this was the proud broadcaster for London weekdays. But now, it is merely a brand name of the international production company, Pearson.

ATV Unnoficial Website

ATV never had an official website due to the fact that it ceased broadcasting at the end of 1981. But you can relive all the fun along with a detailed history of the company at this great site.

Television SouthWest

It would be a cliche to say Ooh-arr just now so I won't - instead I'll mention this great site which chronicles TV in the south-west of England from Westward to Carlton Westcountry.

Fintan's Website Television Menu

Great site with TV Logos from Ireland and Australia from Irish Ex-pat Fintan O'Mahoney.


This site has been around for nearly a year, and contains several sections. Re-live great moments in TV history such as the launch of Channel Four and the death of TVS. Also find out more than you need to know about the Test Card!


A novel approach to TV nostalgia - stick it a format we all know. This site uses a Teletext interface and looks good.


A new name for DMC - with pictures and stuff from TV stations in Ireland. Now, using my amazing powers of deduction, I have worked out that Teilifis is Irish for Television. Boy, I'm good...

Kevin Halstead's Border Television Area

This a great new site dedicated to one of the smaller

ITV stations which is now the only independent one left in Great Britain. Contains RealVideo downloads plus images.


Sean Hughes' TV Idents Page was one of the first (and best) TV-related sites on the internet. You'll be overjoyed, then, to learn that it lives on as TV50 from Steve Yates. He's amalgamated Sean's files with his own to produce this great new site.

People's ITV

An interesting site where you can bid for ITV Companies.

Independent TeleWeb

This is an informative site, giving much information on the ITV network and companies, past and present, that served the regions.

ATW - Another Television Website

What? Surely not anothertelevision website.No, this is ATW and it has pictures and movies from the BBC, Channel 4 and various ITV companies. Unfortunately, this site doesn't seem to have been updated recently.

The Harlech House of Graphics

A great TV site with a Welsh flavour.

TV Home

A great new site with a new name. Contains lots of pictures and RealMedia files from the UK. Or at least it used to. The owner, Asa Hicks is currently consulting TV Companies regarding the future of his site. I hope it will be re-instated soon as it has become one of my frequently viewed sites .

A Toast to TV-am

Everything you need to know about 6.00am-9.25am 1/2/83-31/12/92.

HTW - Historical Television Website

This hi-tech site has pictures and movies from British TV from throughout the century.


This site has lots of pictures of, er, Test Cards. Really.

SubTV - Non-Proprietry Multimedia TV Site

This site has lots of great stuff from TV over the years, with MPEG downloads.

TV Chronicles

Large site on different types of TV from around the world

27th February 2010