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The year is 1998 and the BBC has had a new logo for several months. But somebody in BBC Northern Ireland doesn't realise this. The old /B/B/C/ N O R T H E R N I R E L A N D was superimposed on top of a new symbol, twice, in the space of an hour. This is what happened.

The next is from 1993 on BBC 1 East. The floor manager on their regional news programme, Look East, was shown holding the studio clock instead of the globe for a few seconds before the programme started. Her name is Roisin Elder and she still works on the programme. A quicktime movie of the whole title sequence including this is on my Movies page.

The third one may not be a cockup in the conventional sense because the lines of text about Prince Charles on this page are almost certainly due to an anomaly during reception. the rest of the page is, however, the default Ceefax test card, broadcast on BBC Ceefax Northern Ireland in 1998. It is interesting that the card has not been updated since before the old logo was binned in the late eighties.

This is what was broadcast on Border Television just after the new [itv] logo was unvieled in 1998. They had an old show (In Bed with MeDinner) with an old LWT logo and an old ITV logo. This shouldn't have been done because end slides no longer contain the words 'for ITV'. In effect they were using an LWT logo from 1995 and an [itv] logo from 1998. Well I thought it looked wrong...

One of OnDigital's many cockups on their Now/Next service. Apparently programmes don't start until 7pm. Ah, those were the days...

3rd February 2000