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Links to Television Company Sites

BBC Online

What can I say? One of the biggest and most comprehensive websites on the internet. It is much more than how it started over four years ago with just programme listings and basic information. It has a large amount of background information on all the BBC channels throughout the UK.

The BBC's commercial site with information on Top Gear, the Radio Times, and much more.

BBC News Online

This is, in my opinion, the best news site on the internet. It covers UK news, including seperate pages for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, as well as stories from right around the globe, and often beyond! You can listen to and view stories or watch BBC One's three main news bullitins. It is comprehensive and carries the BBC's global reputation for news into the new age.

ITV Online

The main site of the network with background information on many programmes.

ITV 2 Online

Some information about ITV's digital channel. Not very detailed, but useful, nonetheless.

Anglia Television

The ITV broadcaster for East Anglia. Part of United Media - indeed this was the first ITV company to be owned by Lord Hollick's Company.

Border Television

Some information on the only independent ITV station in Great Britain. Did you know that it sells its programmes round the world? Well it does...

Carlton Central Region

A website with an identity problem. First thing you see is the word 'CENTRAL'. Clicking it gives a page which says Carlton at the top and then says - Welcome to Central. Oh Dear.

Carlton London Region

Carlton's original region - it took over from Thames in 1993. A Talent for Television - Hmm, more like A Talent for buying up Central and all its good shows. This site doesn't know what it is either - clicking 'CARLTON.COM' does not appear to bring up the CARLTON.COM website which is totally different. I'm not sure if this site is still in use.

Carlton Westcountry Region

This is a not bad site - probably because Carlton haven't done much to the old Westcountry site apart from changing the logos...

Channel TV

ITV's smallest region. Interesting website from the region which is basically Meridian plus a bit extra.

Grampian TV

The North of Scotland's broadcaster covers a region larger than any other broadcaster - yet it only serves 1.3 million people. Owned by Scottish Media.

Granada Television

The first ITV company still going strong after more than 40 years. Makes many programmes for the network including Coronation Street. Strangely, the old site is still online here.

HTV Wales

The ITV Broadcaster for the west of England and Wales' site for wales. Owned by United Media.

HTV West

The ITV Broadcaster for the west of England and Wales' site for the west of England. Strange that they have two different sites for the one company. Owned by United Media.

London Weekend Television

Makes some really good shows. Owned by Granada, but only broadcasts Friday evening to Monday 6am. Hence its name.

Meridian Television

The current ITV broadcaster for the south of England. Controlled by United Media, though Carlton has a 20% stake.

Tyne Tees

Now has a website at last, thanks to its parent company Granada.

Scottish TV

The Scottish Media Group's Original ITV station, serving Central Scotland. But don't you think it is strange, that, whilst Edinburgh is in the Scottish region, a few miles down the coast is Border? And a few miles up the coast at St Andrew's is Grampian. Strange.


Scotland's version of ITV2, available in the Scottish and Grampian regions. Pretty much divorced from ITV2 in the rest of the UK.


The ITV broadcaster in Northern Ireland. And wow, it actually has a descent web-site at last! UTV now offers internet access throughout the British Isles and you can sign up here.


UTV's version of ITV2. No continuity or adverts. Not any on purpose anyway. This link seems to be dead. I'm keeping it here, though, in the hope that something will reappear!

Yorkshire TV

The maker of Countdown, Emmerdale and lots of other stuff now has a website at last, thanks to its parent company Granada.

Channel Four

The Fourth Channel, started in 1982. This site has a large amount of information on their programmes.

S4C - Sianel Pedwar Cymru

The Fourth Channel in Wales, also started in 1982. This site has a large amount of information on their programmes, on both their analogue and digital services.

Channel Five

A bit of a flashy site - ho ho. Not bad, actually. If only they put the same effort into their programmes...


Digital TV through an aerial. Quite good, actually, despite its faults.


The UK and Ireland's leading Cable Company and operator of many of the UK's transmitters.


Rupert Murdoch's company with big ambitions. Has the more channels than some channels have programmes. I rest my case.

2nd August 2000