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Sunrise Television won the franchise for UK Breakfast Television, and was due to start in 1993. However, due to a legal challenge from BSkyB (whose Sky News had a programme called Sunrise), they were forced to change their name to GMTV (Good Morning Television) and started broadcasting under that name on January 1st.

They offered a regional news service for the first time on an an ITV breakfast show. This was provided by the regional companies, and gave them, technically at least, final control over what went out. In the past, TV-am had supreme control and the regional companies could not override them.

This, however, lead to a dispute with UTV in Northern Ireland. When the UVF ceasefire was announced in 1994, UTV interrupted GMTV programmes to bring special coverage. The had no right under their contract to do this but I suppose they thought, under the circumstances, that an exception could be made. GMTV thought otherwise and took them to the ITC, who ruled against UTV.

The result of this was that from 3rd January 1995 Northern Ireland News on GMTV has been provided by Reuters. UTV retaliated by not carrying any trailers during the day for GMTV.

Anyway, enough of this, here are a few pictures from the broadcaster. There will be more to come soon.

8th June 2000