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Ulster Television

Ulster Television began broadcasting as the ITV franchise holder on Hallowe'en 1959. The following are images from throughout the decades. Apologies that some of the images are unavailable - this will be fixed soon.

The above symbol was the first used by the station in the late fifties. It is apparently a crude representation of towns and cities in Northern Ireland and above right is what I think the places are. Below are two more symbols - left, the 80's 'rotating lollipop', and right, the late 80's/early 90's 'oscilloscope' one:

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Above left is a production slide as seen on Border Television. I was expecting to see a 'for ITV' appended to the end - I suspect it was not because it was not being shown on UTV as the same time. I presume Border bought it from UTV after it was made. Incidentally, it was from Jenny's Country Cooking. Right is a production slide as seen on UTV itself. This can still be seen after old programmes on the digital channel TV-YOU.

News presentation has undergone many incarnations over the years. Below are images from Six Tonight and an early edition of UTV Live at SIx:

And here's how Ulster's weather looked for a time:

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29th June 2000